As Senior Photo Editor overseeing the Environment desk at National Geographic, I commissioned and produced 'Planet or Plastic', a massive, two-year international campaign focusing on the scale of the world's plastic pollution. I developed the iconic cover, which appeared on 30 local-language magazines around the world. I edited the entire issue, with a feature spanning 52 pages and photography from 14 different photographers. The majority of the feature was photographed by long-time contributor Randy Olson, who shot nearly 50,000 photos across seven countries in a year working together. Read more about our process here.

On the cover's launch date, my tweet immediately went viral, eventually garnering more than 18 MILLION views from my personal account. The following day, I designed and launched a campaign to "pollute" the @natgeo Instagram feed, covering it in more than 70 editorial photographs of plastic pollution that drew our 100MM followers' attention to the crisis. Celebrities like Zooey Deschanel and Leonardo DiCaprio shared our magazine and images, and copies of the cover were displayed during US Senate hearings the following month.

The 'Planet or Plastic' campaign continues nearly two years later, and I'm regularly producing feature stories for the magazine and website about plastic pollution across the globe.

Awards won:
POYI - Magazine Feature Editing, 2019
The Webby Awards: Winner - Green, 2019
The Webby Awards: Winner - Education & Discovery, 2019
The One Club: Designism - Design for Good, 2019
The One Club: Merit - Design for Good, 2019
The ADC Awards: Best of Discipline - Design For Good, 2019
D&AD: WOOD PENCIL - Impact, Environment and Sustainability, 2019
D&AD: Shortlist - Creativity for Good Advertising/Brand, 2019
D&AD: Shortlist - Integrated Digital Campaigns, 2019
Cannes: Shortlist - PR, 2019
Cannes: Shortlist x 3 - Sustainable Development Goals, 2019
Cannes: Shortlist x 2 - Social & Influencer, 2019
National Geographic Magazine, May 2018
Cover by Jorge Gamboa
National Geographic France, May 2018
Photo by John Cancaclosi
National Geographic Slovenia, June 2018
National Geographic Russia, June 2018